Over $3,000 of products for only $77!

Introducing the Blooming in Business Bundle 2022 - a collection of 30 courses, ebooks, templates & resources from leading experts worth over $3,000 - which you can get today for only $77

This superb collection of courses, toolkits, templates and masterclasses  are all here to help you 

  • Get focussed
  • Save time and money
  • Attract your ideal clients
  • Build a community of raving fans
  • Manage the systems within your business
  • Launch & scale
  • & sell more!

This amazing deal is only available for a limited time, once the cart closes on April 13th 2022 it will never be available again


12 Courses

4 direct to use resources

11 Templates 

8 Masterclasses, workshops & more!

As the earth wakes up from the winter months spring is a time for new beginnings, new starts and fresh growth.

Which makes it the perfect time to refocus on your business. 

But hurry, this fantastic bundle is only available for a limited time!


Some of the benefits inside the Bloomimg in Business bundle are

Templates to help you streamline your systems, save time and create professional looking resources for your business.  

Inspiration and ideas to try new things in your business

Strategies and systems to help you focus, streamline and scale your business

Information and guidance to help you grow in your systems, processes and business

Who is this bundle for?

  • Solopreneurs
  • Content serice providers (VAs, designers, copywriters etc)
  • Personal brands
  • Content creators
  • Small business owners

This bundle expires at 23.59 April 13th 2022 EST


A look at everything inside

Content to Clients Course


READ MORE It’s time to create that content that actually gets you results and get off the content creation hamster wheel once and for all. This course teaches you how to create strategic content and how to repurpose it to make the most of it.

Value $197

Organise and Grow Your Biz with Asana

Organise + Grow Your Biz with Asana is so much more than just another course.

READ MORE Not only will you learn all the ins + outs of Asana as a project management tool but you’ll also be guided, step-by-step how to organise every element of your business. You’ll be armed with everything you need to go from signing up to Asana to having a complete project management system for you + your team in a single day including copy + paste templates, workflows + SOPs.

Value $111

Content Alchemy Secrets

The secrets to creating a magical content marketing plan that gives you real results.

READ MORE Build Your List, Grow Your Reach, And Stop Worrying About Constant Content Creation! Delight your website visitors so they can’t wait to come back for more You know you need to share a lot of good content out there in the form of blog posts, emails, social media posts, lead magnets, coaching content and the like. But you don't know where to begin... Content Alchemy Secrets shares my exact content marketing formula that leads to magical results!

Value $77

Championing Abundance Blocks Workshop

Sick of your self-sabotage getting in the way of abundance and goal getting?

READ MORE I deep dive into the SEVEN massive abundance blocks and vices for everyday women with a step-by-step strategy plan to overcoming them with a mindset mastery skill set for inspired, intentional action to make your deepest desires a legit reality!

Value $97

Amazing Affirmations – Living Purposefully Coloring Pages PLR

20 PLR coloring pages featuring affirmations to help your clients live into the best version of themselves.


Value $30

The Faith- Filled Entrepreneur Pack

Live your faith in every day life with this 8 product pack (personal use only)

READ MORE for Christian female entrepreneurs. Assess your "why" with a faith-based business workbook/ checklist. Be inspired with bible verse wallpaper (for your computer and phone) and a floral bible verse motivational calendar. Assess your work/life balance. Then stay organized with social media planner, personal/ business planner with room for habit tracking and gratitude.

Value $75

Website Layout Blueprint

Save yourself HOURS fussing with your website and get conversion-focused layouts that you can quickly copy so you can confidently launch your client-converting website!

READ MORE Instead of piecing your website together blindly and guessing what content should go where, use these tried and true layouts that are designed to convert!

Value $99

Creative Collaborations Success Guide

Collaborations are wonderful. Someone else does all the things you’re not excited about, right?

READ MORE Well, not exactly. Most people go into collaborations for the wrong reasons, with the wrong people, in the wrong timing, and wonder why it doesn’t work out. This mini-course allows you to benefit from my (ahem) hard-won experience and discover what creates a successful and strategic collaboration for *everyone*!

Value $77

2022 Thoughts & Dreams Life and Business Digital Journal, 500+ Handmade Stickers

Boost your productivity and focus on both your business and personal goals with this gorgeous Spring themed Digital Journal.

READ MORE Use it as both Journal and a Planner! Journal pages are unique and artistically designed with beautiful and vibrant colors. Over 500 gorgeous handmade digital stickers easily convert your journal into a Planner. Stickers include Trackers, Icons, Long Lists, Mini Monthly Calendars, Numbers, Polaroid Frames, Post It Notes, 100 Entrepreneurial and Inspirational Quotes, Tall Checklists, and Word Stickers. This Digital Journal is customizable to your life and business needs, so don’t hesitate, grab it now!

Value $78

Soul of your relationship session

Soul of Your Relationship Session: All partnerships have a personality,

READ MORE an energy that is created by, but different than, the two individuals. This might be due to a shared past life, or personal life experiences each person brings to the relationship. This SOUL OF YOUR RELATIONSHIP session will focus on the shared strengths and challenges, as well as the powerful future you can build together.

Value $150

The Systemize Your Service Workshop

This 3 Day Workshop will break down the next steps you need to start systemizing and streamlining your service -->

READ MORE From consistent follow up & lead gen, classy client onboarding, and becoming a time wizard and managing projects effectively, this workshop is designed to help you identify which systems you need to work on ASAP so you can create more freedom and impact in your business.

Value $69

Become A Content Repurposing Queen

It's time to Stop Spinning Your Wheels, stop wasting time & energy in the Minutiae of constantly creating new content, trying to consistently recreate the wheel!

READ MORE Instead be smart, uncover the hidden gems you already have, even if you have long forgotten them. Time to get organised, put this content to work for you so you can concentrate on taking better care of your customers while enjoying more free time and stress free business growth. Client's will think you are superwoman when they see you blowing up all over the place, competitors will wonder how you're doing it. I know how hard it is to juggle or find “balance”. Feeling like you are being pulled in 101 directions, like you need to be present everywhere, with new platforms popping up what seems like on a daily basis. No need to keep sacrificing your health, sanity and above all family time to grow your business. Get out of the hustle and grow your business exponentially with powerful, smart and planned content creation. Get my 4 part course on how to become a true content queen and make your content work for you...

Value $89.99

Templates Galore at The Creativity Lab

A set of lovely, editable templates for you to use in your Creative Business

READ MORE including: A floral workbook for clients, FB templates & Mock-up templates in various colours! All with Vivien's original designs..

Value $64

Online Entrepreneur's Starter Kit

Online Business Entrepreneur’s Starter Kit includes 7 essential tools:

READ MORE (1) 101 Niches Guide: Find An Irresistible Niche You Can Turn Into A Profitable Online Business (Even if you don't have a passion, hobby, or side hustle) – Find your passion in the 3 mega niches and 8 sub-niches. (2) Ultimate Lead Magnet Checklist - Even if you don't know what your offer is yet, create a lead magnet and start building your list; (3) Personal Branding - Become an Influencer - The next step is to start building your Personal Brand. It doesn't have to be perfect, just start; (4) 8 Top Email List Building Strategies - A Checklist With Difficulty Rating - These will tune you into getting your IDEAL list built quickly and easily; (5) 4 Landing & Thank You Page Templates - Tech can be a real sticking point for entrepreneurs. No problem, we'll make it easy; (6) Lead Magnet Opt-In Funnel Map - Building a marketing sales funnel is central to your business strategy and success. There's more to come on that topic; (7) 29 Free Essential Tech Tools - Essential Tech Tools Every Entrepreneur Needs - Finding the best tools to use has taken me over 10 years.

Value $250

Your FB and IG Ad Budget Cheatsheet

This new Cheatsheet covers what you need to know right out of the gate for the best Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)

READ MORE when you are ready to begin using paid ads to Grow and Expand Your Business.

Value $75

Big Bang Marketing Strategies for Small Budgets Ecourse

Investing in the right kinds of marketing is the key to EVERY business's long-term success!

READ MORE However, many small businesses do not have a solid marketing strategy in place to gain brand awareness, boost visibility, and attract customers. Do you think this kind of strategic planning is only for big brands with big budgets? Think again! Take the Big Bang Marketing Strategies For Small Budgets eCourse, which covers both quick and longer-term methods for building an audience and attracting customers. By the end of the course, you will have a full, actionable marketing plan ready to implement, with clear goals and measurable tactics. In other words, stop wingin it!

Value $197

Audience Growth Toolkit

These are three powerful mini-courses to help you quickly and easily grow your audience!

READ MORE You get the "30-Day Audience Growth Calendar" and mini-course, the "How to Get interviewed on Podcasts" mini-course, and the "Creating 21 Lead Magnets" mini-course including ideas and templates.

Value $191

Conversion Copywriting Masterclass

In this masterclass, I will break down the EP(i)C Framework and how to properly use conversion copywriting to turn prospects into clients.

READ MORE No more cold sweats before you have to write a sales email. No more putting it off until the last minute because staring at a blank screen as you prepare to write a sales page for your latest offer makes you feel like you'd rather stick a red-hot poker in your eye. No more wondering if you should just pay for AI to write the damn thing for you (HINT: you DO NOT want AI to write the damn thing for you). ​Instead...a plan, a strategy, and a toolbox of knowledge...so that the copy writes itself.

Value $75

Self-Care Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs

Self-Care Course for coaches, content creators and entrepreneurs


Value $97

Kajabi Quickstart Template Pack

The Kajabi Quickstart Template Pack is a bundle of templates and tech tutorials that will help you to create a lead magnet (ebook or guide),

READ MORE list building funnel, and course waiting list. It's designed to save you hours of time (and tech headaches) by giving you everything you need to quickly and easily gather leads in preparation for launching an online course. The professionally designed, done for you Kajabi templates are easy to customize and use, even for a beginner! And the tech tutorials provide simple and clear step-by-step guidance for setting up everything in your Kajabi account.

Value $97

Mega Planner Template Pack

The Mega Planner Template Pack features 81 Planner Pages.

READ MORE These pages comprise of 4 Template sets with 3 Color Variations each. Template Set #1 includes 3 habit tracker pages. Template Set #2 includes undated monthly calendars, this template has 12 pages. Template set #3 includes undated week planners, this template has 6 pages. Template Set #4 includes 6 To Do and Checklist pages. All pages come in PowerPoint, PDF and PNG Format. The planners can be edited, customized, branded and sold to your customers. In addition to the planner pages, the bundle also includes 10 Articles, 40 Social media images and 40 Social Status updates. (Use these resources to promote the planners using your digital assets.)

Value $89.77

Breaking Through Barriers

Have you hit your financial ceiling? Your Unconscious Mind Holds the Secrets to Unlocking Your Income Potential

READ MORE In this 4 lesson video training, you uncover the precise amount of money that triggers survival. Then in less than 1 hour, you will reprogram your unconscious mind to receive more income. What will be possible when you: - Identify the link between making more money and the stored fear in the cells of your body? - Remove the subliminal programming that blocks the growth of your income? -Open your heart to receive more love into your life?

Value $159


There's a boom in working from home and you can help those you serve manage the stress with our coloring pages.

READ MORE Did you know coloring is proven to reduce stress? And, by providing our editable planner, you can help clients manage work duties in this new environment too. Includes Private Label Rights!

Value $58

Instagram Story Pack

Containing 365 story templates, video story prompts and a deep dive cours

READ MORE into effectively using stories this course will show you how to connect and engage with your audience.

Value $197

From Brand Confusion To Brand Clarity Masterclass

From Brand Confusion to Brand Clarity Masterclass Bundle

READ MORE - a workbook and recorded workshop, for business owners, to discover your brand vibe, and how to use it effectively. Taking you from confused brand to brilliant brand, that has clarity, is personal and unique to you, and captivates and converts your audience. My own distinctive method for creating a cohesive, stand out, and personal brand that looks good and works effectively for you.

Value $90

How to Find Clients Quickly and Easily (without sleazy techniques)

Want to find clients, but find it hard and intimidating to prioritise?

READ MORE In this training and bundle of resources, you'll find out how you can schedule in bitesized tasks to help you get in front of and find your ideal clients.

Value $79

Pin To Win

Pin To Win is a Pinterest marketing course that will provide both the beginner and intermediate Pinterest user a highly detailed and specific step-by-step guide to master the Pinterest game!

READ MORE This means no more guessing game for you! The lessons in this course are incredibly detailed and I have even laid out exactly what your Pinterest marketing strategy should be in the next 1 month, 6 months, and beyond! Also, because I have a huge audience who sell printable products online, I have created this Pinterest marketing course with them in mind and I give specific tips on keyword research and pin creation for printables sellers!

Value $97

21 Days to Instagram Success

This in-depth Instagram course will show you how to confidently attract, engage and sell to your ideal audience in no time.

Value $297

The Start Your Affiliate Program Kit

The Start Your Affiliate Program Kit includes an Affiliate Program Planning Session training

READ MORE {so you can map out your entire affiliate program}, recommended tech resources, Affiliate reach out template {so you know exactly what to say when reaching out to your dream affiliate partners} and a BONUS Affiliate tracking template!

Value $197

This is your chance to get lifetime access to some of the most-loved courses, ebooks, templates and masterclasses from leading creators -  all for one incredible LOW price!   Inside this Blooming in Business Business Bundle, you will get access to 30 business products (courses, templates, workshops and ebookss) contributed by leading coaches and business owners for only $77 (many of these products are valued more than that on their own!)

Offer expires April 13th 2022


How does it work?

After purchasing the bundle for a one-time payment of $77 you will be directed to a page from where you will be able to access, register or download each of the 30 products included.

You have until May 26th to register or download each of the individual products but once registered you retain lifetime access (unless specified otherwise, for example in the case of memberships).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, that's a fair question, it is pretty amazing value, right? That's why it is only ever going to be available for these 7 days. We've basically managed to put together this great deal for you by the power of collaboration. Each of our experts has contributed one of their favorite products or tools to be included and in return they get to benefit from connecting with other industry experts and showcasing their products and services to a wider audience (that's you). 

After making payment for the bundle you will be taken to an access page where you can register for as many, or as a few of, the individual products as you like (we are pretty confident you are going to want all, or at least most of them though). You will also be emailed a link to this page and a handy google sheet with all the details on it so you can easily keep track of all of your logins. You need to make sure that you have individually registered for all of the products you wish to access by May 26th 2022, after this time the login pages will be closed but you will keep access to everything you have already registered  for or downloaded.

The bundle is a fixed a price but as it is such an amazing deal even if you already have 1 or 2 of the products it still offers great value for money. 

Due to the instant access and ability to download many of these products no there are no refunds available.

We really hope that you won't, we've checked and double checked to make sure everything is working but should something go wrong please send us an email to bizgrowthbundle@catgetssocial.com and we will be straight on it. 

It's a little late to join us as a contributor for this bundle however if you would like to be part of a future bundle please do reach out. Alternatively if you would like to be an affiliate for this or upcoming bundles let us know and we can get you set up. We can be reached at bizgrowthbundle@catgetssocial.com

By purchasing the Blooming in Business Bundle 2022 you acknowledge that all products in the bundle are supplied by independent business owners and that in addition to the Terms and Conditions of the Blooming in Business Bundle 2022 the Terms and Conditions of each individual product and business also applies to any products you choose to register for or download.  Copyright ownership of each individual product is retained by the business owner and no rights are assumed either by either the organisers of the bundle or anyone who purchases the bundle. All products have been included in good faith however the organisers of the Blooming in Business Bundle 2022 cannot accept any liability for any issues which may arise through your use of any individual products in the bundle.